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Chairman Message

In my view the Universe is composed of Electro-Magnetic energies. All the life in the Universe is the by product of these 2 energies. The electrical / light energy is the “Nature”. The life force in the nature is magnetic energy. That is also called consciousness. All the living beings live and die as per the rules of nature. Our ancestors till last few centuries lived happily with long life without any diseases. Unfortunately in the last 2 centuries man-kind started living dis-associated from natural living. The world population in 1800 AD was 1000 millions. Since then, tremendous changes have been taken place in science and technology. Now the world population is 7000 millions approximately. During this intervening period global industrialization, has taken place, life styles have entirely been changed and reached a peak stage of artificial living. Our ancestors in India invented all sciences required for humans to live in health and happiness in the society. These sciences were taught in the form of Vedas and Upanishads.

In a similar way all the ancient cultures invented different types of natural methods to cure diseases. But in the recent past, the mankind started growing many fold in numbers. In a span of 200 years it became necessary to invent medicines to serve the fast growing population with medicines in chemical form (from natural elements processed in alternate form). But unfortunately these chemicals proved to cause some minor side effects. In fact any processed natural foods will result in side effects. Besides the entire society got a new belief and disease i.e “Money is everything”. So, the latest Allopathic chemical medicines and treatments have exploited the public from all corners besides their benefits.

The present society of the world started re-looking into the side effects of industrialization, environmental pollution of the earth, water, air, fire (heat) and space (Ozone layer). It is fortu- nate that all the countries joined together and looking forward and resolved to safe guard the nature from all these pollutants.

Now let us relook at the two energies mentioned in the beginning i.e electro-magnetic energies. According to the laws of ancient sciences, the universal energy (nature) is the God- dess of Universe which is a resemblance of five great energies (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space) constitutes the body of human being and the magnetic energy (life energy “Prana”) is the main source of life of this body – i.e. GOD.

Now let us look at Yoga and Naturopathy. The science of Yoga is to enhance and channelise the life force (Pranashakthi) with in the body of human being.

Naturopathy is to eliminate the diseases with natural energies (i.e Pure food from earth, water therapy, Sun and steam baths and others).

Besides enhancing the minds by yoga principles, alternate therapies in the form of “Accupuncture, Accupressure, Magnetic therapy” which regulates the pranic flow in the body smoothly. In principle, it is a multifold process to correct and enhance the smooth flow of two energies in the body which are the reflections of Universal energies and thereby develop dis- ease free, happy body and mind (to fulfil the ultimate purpose of life).

I am quite sure that the Medical College of Yoga, Naturopathy will play a piv-otal role in spreading the message of Natural way of living and Yoga in Andhra Pradesh and other states of India. It will also have important role in curing the many chronic diseases.

I wish a grand success for the staff and students of CARE Yoga, Naturopathy Medical College.