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Resident Life

BNYS course at CYNMCH is a residential course, and the students are provided suitable atmosphere and facilities to shape their personality to come out a .achievers in the field of Naturopathy and Yoga. Yoga practice is a part of their curriculum; hence Yoga classes are conducted in all the 51/2 years beginning from the basics till advance practices and clinical applications under the guidance of qualified and experienced faculty members. Compulsory reading hours and library hours are prescribed to helping students to cope up with subjects of basic medical sciences. Faculty members are made available during these sessions for interaction as well as clarification of doubts. Class level symposiums are conducted for every subject to encourage confidence and improve presentation skills of the students. Students are periodically exposed to talks on moral values, personality development, diet reform and personal care, which are usually addressed by our President Sri.V.Radhakrishna

Participation in indoor and outdoor sports is encouraged. Periodic fitness training programs are also conducted as it is part of their professional requirement.

Students’ responsibilities towards the Institution:

  • Appreciate the institutional goals and objectives and contribute to their realization by active participation.
  • Have a clear knowledge of the programs, policies, rules and regulations of the institution.
  • Understand the teaching-learning strategies and evaluation system of the Institution. Ensure mandatory 75% attendance in classes.
  • Make optimum use of the learning resources and other support services available in the institution.
  • Prepare for continuous internal assessment and term-end examinations.
  • Give feedback for improvement of the system.
  • Respect the staff of the Institution and express this in action and behaviour.
  • Foster equality among all religions and sections of the society.
  • Desist from ragging of any sort in the college.