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Rules & Regulations

These pages provide access to rules and regulation of the College and Hostel which have been approved by the R.K. Education Society


Each academic year shall consist of not less than ------- working days.

A candidate is required to put in minimum 80% of attendance as mandatory in both theory and practical separately in each subject before admission to the examination, including Yoga practical class for one hour daily throughout the course.

A candidate lacking in the prescribed attendance and progress in any one subject in theory and practical shall not be permitted for admission to the examinations in the first appearance.

It is mandatory for the candidate to attend all internal assessment exams which will be conducted. The internal assessment shall be awarded on the bases of performance of this exams.

The candidate is required to clear all pending fees and other dues within the specified date, failing with will result in fines or disciplinary action which will be decided by the concerned authorities.

Dress code

Track Pants and T-shirts for Yoga Practical Classes Gents are required to be well groomed & neatly dressed. The dress code for gents are formal pant, full Sleeves / Half Sleeves shirt with black or brown formal shoe.

Ladies are required to be well groomed & neatly dressed in Chudithar or Saree

It is mandatory to were white apron for Theory & Practical Classes



The allotment of rooms will be made by the Warden of respective hostels on random basis.

The candidates shall be responsible for the furniture’s handed over to him during the admission to Hostel. Rough handling of dining hall furniture, room furniture or any furniture / property or fittings of the hostel is strictly forbidden.

The candidate has to obtain permission slip from the college office for moving out of the campus for any reason.

The permission slip shall be produced to the warden ,the movement out and in shall be timed , dated ,signed with mentioning the purpose in register available with the hostel warden.

The permission slip has to be submitted to the security at the gate The candidate is required to be inside the hostel by 6:30 Pm . Silence should be observed in the hostel during study hours

When leaving the rooms for regular classes or for vacation, etc., the electrical equipment’s should be switched off. Windows and doors should be closed securely.

Students absenting themselves from regular classes will have to take the permission from the college authorities and inform the Warden

Ragging in any form is strictly forbidden. If anyone is found guilty of ragging, he/ she will be expelled and also liable for prosecution under the Andhra Pradesh Prohibition of Ragging Act, (At 26 of 1997)

The hostel rooms are subject to surprise inspection by the College / Hostel authorities to make sure that they are kept clean and no unauthorized items like liquor, drugs, lethal weapons etc., are kept in the room. Possession of any such item shall be subjected to immediate action by the hostel committee.

Smoking, gambling in any form, consumption of alcohol, use of drugs and narcotics and even possession of such things are prohibited inside the campus. Anyone found indulging in the use of such things will not only be asked to vacate the hostel but also be rusticated from the College with immediate effect.

If any inmate is found indulging in any form of quarrel / threats / groupism shall be subjected to immediate action by the hostel committee.

Continuation of stay of a student in the hostel is subject to the discretion of the administration.

The hostellers are allowed to keep computers or Laptop with the knowledge of authorities. Items like electric irons or any electrical equipment without written permission of the Warden will lead to confiscation of the goods.

Ordinary Key pad cell phone could be used by the student inside the hostel ,but not inside the class rooms, examination halls, Laboratory, Library, offices, Mess hall and during silence hour in the hostel.

The hostellers themselves are personally responsible to safeguard their belongings.

Guests are not permitted to stay in any of the hostels. If the parents wish to stay, then the student / parent may approach the Office for getting accommodation in the Guest House, [subject to availability] and the same will be provided on a nominal rent.

Parents/ Guardian visiting the student should remain in the visiting room of the hostel. Entry into the hostel rooms is not permitted.


Hygienically cooked Naturopathic food shall be served in the hostel. Daily menu shall be displayed in the mess

Mess timings are to be strictly adhered.

The inmates shall not waste food, electricity & water. Wastage causes unnecessary and unavoidable expenditure to others.

Dining hall furniture and utensils like stainless steel tumblers, plates, spoons etc., are not to be taken out of the dining hall. If anyone is found taking these properties out, he/she will be strictly penalized.

Complaint regarding the food can be lodged with the student food committee.

Medical Care:

24 hours Naturopathy & Yoga Therapy facility is available in the campus.

Any inmate, who is not well, should report to the Warden / resident Doctor for appropriate advice.

Deposit & Payment:

  • All financial dealings related to Academics and hostel are delt by the college office only.
  • Caution Deposit fixed by the management, which will be refunded, when the student vacates the hostel after deducting the dues, if any.
  • The hostel charges and Mess charges shall be collected at every year.
  • No deduction in the hostel and mess charges for continuous absence .Consideration for prolong absence is under the discretion of college authorities /Management.
  • Fines levied for indiscipline , damage of furniture’s /property ,as late charges are immediately payable .